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P. E. & Sports Premium

Sports Premium Funding At Normandy Primary School



Financial Year

Academic Year

Payment Date


2014 - 15

Sept to Aug 2015

30 April 2015


2015 - 16

Sept 15 to Aug 16



2016 - 17

Sept 16 to Aug 17





Use of Coaches to Continue To Support Teaching Staff

This year, we are using our funding to provide coaches from GT Sport to work alongside our teachers to develop and support them. GT Sports will continue to work with all year groups throughout the year, supporting staff on alternate weeks, enabling staff to teach PE lessons themselves, to consolidate their own CPD. 

A staff audit of PE skills was carried out in September. This was then shared with GT Sports who developed lesson plans based around the areas requiring development.

In the spring term this year we shall be welcoming GT Sports into Year 6 during lunchtimes, to encourage the children to be active during their play and lunch breaks.

During the Summer Term, the coaches will be working alongside the same group of teachers.  - £10,640 (full allocation)

The Plan

The funding will be targeted to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision to ensure:-

  • Improved confidence amongst staff in the delivery of high quality PE lessons across the school;
  • Pupils have a very good understanding of healthy lifestyles which will result in a long lasting and positive effect on future learning and physical development of children within our school and beyond.

· Increase participation in school sport by offering a range of in-school and afterschool clubs and events, to be run by members of staff and specialist coaches, e.g. all children participated in ‘Skip Hop’ skipping sessions with an external provider back in September 2015

· Fund specialist teachers and coaches to provide CPD for all staff, particularly in areas of the PE curriculum where staff surveys suggest a lack of confidence, e.g. Gymnastics, dance

  • A greater confidence in planning and delivery of high-quality PE lessons




To enable these outcomes to be met the grant will fund:-

  • Hire of qualified sports coaches to team teach with teachers when teaching PE.
  • CPD for all staff with an emphasis on dance and gymnastics.
  • CPD for KS1 staff to develop children’s ability in agility, balance and co-ordination.
  • Increasing participation in school sport by offering a range of after school clubs.
  • Providing opportunities for children to compete in competitions against other schools.


Impact and Outcomes

The impact and outcomes will be measured by:-

  • A greater confidence in planning and delivery of high quality PE lessons.
  • A deeper understanding of the expectations of the new Primary PE curriculum (2014).
  • Increased pupil participation in PE and Sport, including links to local clubs and organizations.


Sports Premium 2015-2016 Update

Staff CPD

The school provided a range of after-school clubs, run by Mr Allen, Mr McDonald and other specialist coaches. Resources were bought for these clubs (see resources section). Our children continue to enjoy these clubs and further opportunities will become available as the current year progresses. Sports workshops and specialist coaching had a very positive impact.


To continue to build on the skills developed by the children last year and teachers’ own knowledge and understanding, this year we have used a large portion of our sports funding to employ Teach School Sport to support and work alongside teaching staff.

Within this, we have a qualified coach working once every other week with each class in years Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 with every class teacher to teach and develop a scheme of work for the following 6 weeks and to ensure high quality PE and to develop CPD for the class teachers.

Coaches from Teach School Sport worked alongside teachers in various year groups to give support and guidance on teaching aspects of a particular sport and to assist the teacher in extending their own skills. Teachers were part of each session. -  £7,812



In October 2015 we had a three day long skipping workshop. Every class had a skipping session with a skipping coach to develop co-ordination and develop skills. Many children purchased their own ropes to use at playtimes and all KS2 classes were provided with 2 long ropes to be used for playtimes/lunchtimes. This was then followed up by a full school assembly and demonstration. - £1,050 @ £350 a day.


Sports Affiliation

We also subscribed to the Bexley Primary School Sports Council, enabling our students to enter into inter school competitions. - £75



The rest of the funding was used to provide a new aluminum goal posts for both the football team and for the entire school to use during lessons, a new up-to-date edition of the Safe Practice in PE book and new skipping ropes to develop skipping during PE lessons and at playtimes. - £766.48

This information was shared with the School Governors to ensure they had been kept up to date with how the funding had been spent.

At the end, there was a surplus of £161.52, which the PE Leader at the time chose not to spend.

PE resources have been replenished on a regular basis eg. Basic equipment for the teaching of outstanding PE.  – PE Budget


Resources were also purchased to support teachers’ PE knowledge eg. FUNs cards.  – PE Budget



Contact Details

Mr. Allen, the PE Leader, is available to answer any queries regarding PE and the use of the Sports Premium Funding.