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SMSC is a key area in the 2012 Ofsted inspection framework.


It stands for:-







Spiritual development is defined as being:-


  • Interested in and respectful of different people’s beliefs, values and feelings.
  • Having a sense of awe and wonder that is linked to an enjoyment and fascination in learning of all kinds.
  • Children using their imagination and creativity in all their learning.
  • Children reflecting on their learning and experiences and being able to say how they can be made even better.
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Moral development is defined as being:-


  • Children need to recognise the difference between right and wrong, particularly in their own lives.
  • Furthermore they need to understand that there are consequences to their actions at all times.
  • The children must have an interest in investigating moral and ethical issues and offer reasoned views on local, national and global issues.
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Social development is defined as being :-


  • Pupils need to learn, work and socialise with pupils from different religious and ethnic backgrounds. This also includes a variety of socio- economic backgrounds.
  • They need to learn social skills such as cooperation, participation, turn taking and sharing.
  • Also they need to learn how to resolve conflicts effectively and what strategies to use.
  • Finally they should be able to talk about how different communities and societies work.
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Cultural development is defined as being: -


  • All children should be aware of their own cultural heritage and how this makes them unique and special.
  • This can be enhanced by the children participating in a range of cultural opportunities that include music, sport, Art, Numeracy and science and technology.
  • Cultural diversity needs to be celebrated and explored in local, national and global contexts.
  • So the children’s attitudes and values will reflect their acceptance, understanding and respect for cultural diversity.
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