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Half Term Challenge

Competition One - Bird feeder


We would like you to design and build a bird house or feeder. You may be bale to put it up in your garden, on your window frame, outside your front door, pass it on to a friend or relative (when we are able to visit) or hold on to it to put up in school when we return. 


This is a fantastic cross curricular project, where you will have to show design and creativity skills, accurate measuring, precise use of tools and research into how to make a bird house or feeder attractive to birds. You can use which ever materials you have available, but you must have adult permission and support if using any tools or scissors.


We have attached some websites which contain information, ideas and methods of building. You will also find the information needed for the types of food birds may eat that you may already have in the house.


We are encouraging you to send photos of the finished birdhouses to be shown on the weekly newsletter, and we will be picking a champion bird house from each year group that we could replicate in school. 


We can't wait to see what you come up with!


Competition Two - Photography 


You may be able to use your bird feeder to assist you in this challenge - we are launching a photography competition. You will need to snap a shot of a bird - it could be sitting, flying, diving, feeding, bathing or hunting. This bird may be seen out of your window, in your garden, on the way to the shops, doing exercise or on a walk. We will be looking to show all entries on the school newsletter, so please share these via the school email. 


Happy snapping - have fun with this during half term and remember to stay safe.