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Home Learning

During the home learning time, the following guidelines show expectations for each subject throughout each week.  These can be recorded on the printed sheets, in exercise books, reading records or though photographs.



Complete the following each week:

1 x comprehension

1 x extended writing task

1 x grammar activity

1 x spelling activity

1 x handwriting activity

Read daily for 20 minutes.



Complete one hour of daily maths, including arithmetic and reasoning, from the home learning resources.

Practise times tables and/or number bonds daily (including TT Rock Stars or Numbots)



Complete two activities from the home learning options each week.

Contribute to the Whole School Challenge. 



Have a go at completing two challenges from the Practical Ideas option each week.



Take at least 20 minutes each day to exercise in a safe area.  STAY HEALTHY.



Although it may not feel like it, we are going to be part of History.  Keep a diary of your actions, the news, and your feelings.  You never know who may want to read it in future!