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3D Construction Challenge - Digital Detox Day

All pupils at Normandy Primary were asked to get creative and take part in a 3D Construction Challenge as part of our Digital Detox Day.


Reception pupils were asked to build a dragon to coincide with their learning about Chinese New Year.

Year 1 pupils made a dinosaur nest and habitat as part of their current topic on Dinosaurs.

Year 2 pupils were asked to invent and make a 3D model of something that will help make a human or animal life better as part of their topic on Pioneering people.

Year 3 made bright, beaded headbands for their 3D challenge. This coincides with their topic on the Arctic and Inuit people.

Year 4 pupils made a monster who lives underground and who features in the book they will be reading together this term.

Year 5 pupils designed and built their own Mars Rover (NASA's space buggy for the planet Mars) as part of their topic on Space.

Year 6 pupils were asked to build a 3D Fighter Plane as part of their topic on WWII.