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Parents Evening

Thank you to those parents who attended our Parents Evenings. It was wonderful to see so many of you discussing your child's wonderful learning with the class teachers and ways that we can continue to work together to support further progress.

I am very grateful for all of the many positive feedback comments which were left on our Parent Questionnaires; in fact I was quite moved by how strongly you all support the school and the touching comments about staff and myself; it's lovely to hear how far you think the school has moved in the last few years.

I think we have a great team approach in our school community, especially between parents and school staff, and this is one of the many reasons your children are making such good progress in our school. Thank you for your ongoing support! Your feedback enables us to deliver outstanding teaching and learning. Children develop and make more progress when we are all working together as a whole school community and I'm really pleased with how positive the evenings were.