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Roots to Food Workshops

Darren Tinkler from 'Roots to Food' came to teach us about healthy eating.


In KS2, orange and green teams of resident chefs competed to create a delicious meal from random ingredients provided by Independent Catering (our provider of school meals). Children in the audience came up with ideas about how to cook the ingredients and what style of cooking to try. The teams had 15 minutes to cook the food and the dishes that were presented at the end of the time were stunning and smelt incredible. Children from the audience were then selected to try the foods and judge on taste and presentation. Both teams did brilliantly.


Darren typed out the recipes that the children of Normandy School created together and the children have copies of these recipes to try at home.


Orange Team cookedThe dishes were called Twice Cooked Parmesan Chicken on a bed of Spring Onion Pasta served with a Chunky Tomato and Basil Sauce.


Green Team cooked Tandoori Spiced Salmon with Pilau Rice and Bombay Saag Aloo


You can find the full recipes in our Newsletter dated 12th January 2018; look under News and Events for our school Newsletters.


Children in KS1 learnt about healthy foods and created smoothies which were extremely tasty!