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Year 2 termly topic - 'Pioneering Women'

Year 2's topic this term is 'Pioneering Women'. Last week they learnt about Amy Johnson who was the first female to fly from Great Britain to Australia. In science, they explored who could make the best paper aeroplane that flew the furthest and measured the distance for maths. They explored the story of Rosa Parks through role play. The year 2 teachers set up a 'bus' in the hall but as children and teachers got on this bus, they were directed to sit in different places. The children were allowed to sit wherever they wanted to but the teachers were only allowed to sit at the back of the bus...because they were old! The children explored their feelings and thought this was really unfair, and explained their reasons in a really mature manner. The children then found out about the story of Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat to a white person back in the 1950s when there was segregated seating on buses.