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Year 6 Leavers Disco

The Leavers Disco


What a great send off!


This year, stories and letters were written, equations were solved, art was produced, music was orchestrated, scientific investigations were conducted and sporting trophies were won, as well as SATs exams sat and a school production enjoyed by all.


After a tremendous year full of hard work and impressive achievements, the students deserved a party.


As they arrived it seemed like a grand ball. They came dressed in their best finery ready to finish the year dancing to their favourite music in the school hall.


Dance moves were traded, jokes were shared and photos were taken all knowing that it was their last time in the place they had spent their young lives learning how to succeed and prepare for the next stage on their learning journey.


All we can say here at Normandy Primary School is that we are so proud of the children and we hope their futures are as great as their time was at Normandy Primary School.