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Year 6 performance 'School Daze'

'School Daze'


The play 'School Daze' performed by the year 6 students at Normandy Primary School went down a storm. It was absolutely fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed by everybody who watched it.


After a number of weeks rehearsals, the children had mastered their lines for their scenes and learnt the words to the songs. Their timing, characterisation, vocal strength, expression and discipline were impeccable.


During this time the children were refining their skills on stage for the play, like they did in class all year for their subjects and SATs exams. It was truly impressive to see such enthusiasm and desire to do the best that they could.


Special thanks go to all of the staff involved in helping the children with their performance attire as well as outstanding scenery so the stage looked visually appealing and relevant to the play.


However, the biggest thanks should go to the children for their increidibly positive attitude and hard work all year.


To say that we are proud of the whole of Year 6 is an understatement.