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Year 6 & Year 2 SAT's

All year 6 worked extremely hard while taking their SATs tests in test week. There were over 60 children at school early each morning to enjoy a breakfast of cereal and toast to prepare them for the tests. There was a lovely atmosphere in the dining hall with teachers, HLTAs and teaching assistants, all working together to serve the children their breakfast. This really helped to prepare the children and attendance has never been so good for year 6! Thank you to all the staff who helped support our Year 6 children and WELL DONE YEAR 6—we are all very proud of you.


For parents of children in year 2, their assessments are carried our in a very different way to the year 6 tests. Year 6 have to sit a formal timed paper, whereas the year 2 children can sit their assessments as part of the school day and in a much more child friendly/less formal manner. Most of the children in year 2 don’t even realise they are sitting a formal test, which means they are much more relaxed. They will be treated to juice, fruit and biscuits to keep their energy levels up.