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School Vision and Values


Our School Council worked with pupils, staff, parents, governors and the local community to establish which values were important to Normandy. They worked hard together to create our whole school values seen below. These values are celebrated throughout the life and within the community at Normandy School.


At Normandy Primary School, we are ‘Happy and Bright’. Our school motto comes from our school values; the first letter of each of our school values spells out ‘Happy and Bright’.


The words ‘happy’ and ‘bright’ have many great and positive meanings which we want for all of our children at Normandy.


At Normandy Primary School we want all of our children to be:

  • HAPPY to come to school – Normandy is a friendly and welcoming school to attend.
  • HAPPY to learn and develop - happy children learn more easily and enjoy what they are learning. Learning is fun at Normandy.
  • HAPPY and positive within themselves as human beings – children who value themselves and their worth are more resilient to the pressures of our ever changing world and are more prepared for the future.
  • HAPPY and confident to make friends, socialise and communicate with others – confident and communicative children are able to work with others more easily and have a supportive network for the future. 


We also want our children to be:

  • BRIGHT and enthusiastic – children who are keen to learn and develop and make great progress within their learning.
  • BRIGHT and inquisitive –our well planned and creative curriculum promotes inquisitiveness and curiosity.
  • BRIGHT, vivid and bold – children who are confident and independent are more able to lead the way and develop self-motivational skills.
  • BRIGHT and shining – children that radiate all of our school values which are important to us at Normandy.

Normandy School Council - 'What these values mean to us.'