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At Normandy Primary School, we believe that primary science should be mainly based upon practical activities in which pupils are actively investigating a problem or question relevant to their own experience. Science should stimulate and develop an attitude of curiosity and questioning and not just be the teaching and learning of mass scientific knowledge.


We help children learn their best through observing, questioning, and exploring the world around them. They do not have to come up with all the answers (scientists always have more questions than answers!) and their experiments don’t always have to lead anywhere (Darwin got his son to play the bassoon at worms).


We encourage children to become independent and collaborative learners by providing them with the opportunity to explore and investigate the natural environment and world around them.


To help them with their investigations (whatever these might be) we teach the methods and reasoning that they need and, just like science in the real world, we encourage them to talk, learn from each other and problem solve.


So science is about fun and questions whether we are finding out which fruits and vegetables float or sink; which materials are conductors or insulators or deciding on which materials would work best for roofing.




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