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Skipping Workshop

Hello everybody.


Do you remember Lee Collinson? He was the man that came to our school for the last three years to do the skipping workshop. Remember? He taught you how to do 'Double Unders', the 'Frog Skip' and 'Chain Skipping'. At the end of the week we had an assembly where he got children to show their skills!


Well, he has kindly created a video that teaches you how to all the skipping techniques. 


It is personalized for year's 1&2, 3&4 and 5&6. he has suggested to me that people can try all of them as they all present different challenges. 


Click the link. It will take you to the #skiphop website. Then scroll down a little and click the 'play' icon which is a triangle.


Have fun and be safe.


Take care


Mr Reed