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All pupils are expected to wear Normandy Primary School uniform and your cooperation is essential in this matter.

Please ensure that each item of school uniform is named.


Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

White polo shirt, white blouse or white shirt

Red cardigan or sweatshirt

Dark grey school trousers (long or short) or grey skirt

Red and white check summer dress

Thick black, grey or red tights (winter)

White socks

Black shoes with sensible heels, suitable for school environment (not boots or trainer types)



White polo shirt

Red cardigan or sweatshirt

Grey trousers/ joggers/ skirt/ pinafore

Dark grey or white socks

Thick black, grey or red tights (winter)

Black trainers 


All children need a suitable coat every day as we play outside in all weathers!



Tramlines, mohicans, or any other form of decorative hair cutting is not acceptable along with the bleaching or dying of hair. The Head Teacher, on behalf of the Governors reserves the right to send a child home if a parent decides to undertake this in term time.

Brightly coloured hair bands and hair adornments should not be worn in school; long hair should be tied back for school with a simple hairband, toggle or small ribbons, which need to be either red, black or white.



The wearing of jewellery is not allowed in school. Ear studs may be worn but will need to be removed/ covered by pupils during PE lessons. Teaching staff are not permitted to undertake this task. Watches may be worn but the School accepts no liability for the loss of any timepiece/ item of jewellery brought onto the premises.


Other Adornments

Nail varnish and temporary tattoos should not be worn for school.


PE Kit

Red or white T-shirt

Plain black shorts

Plimsolls or plain black trainers

Plain black tracksuit


Swimming (Year 5)

A swimming costume and a towel are required for swimming. Please note that Bermuda shorts or bikinis are not allowed for swimming lessons. Goggles are only permitted if parent/ carer has signed a consent form. A swimming het must be worn (this applies to both boys and girls) and the first hat is provided by the swimming pool staff. Replacements will be charged for at £1.